And… reboot

Two weeks ago, I had a fall at work and broke my wrist.  There’s all sorts of things to say about being injured, or being injured at work, or being in pain and living one-handed — all of it. For now, I’ll just say this:  I’m trying to make the most of it. I have ordered prepared meals, filled out all the necessary forms, and printed out my manuscript. I made a new revising schedule. I am closing the door on what I cannot do (Oh, the garage! Oh, the closets!) and trying to be patient and sit with what I can (Hello reading! Hello seven seasons of The Good Wife). I will be back to work again, and back to knitting. For now, I’m determined to make peace with slowing down, and find a cure for my restlessness. Wish me luck!


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  1. I keep trying to leave a comment here, but it keeps disappearing. I have said in different combinations of words that I’m so glad you’re blogging a bit — and sorry that you’ve had to deal with some confinement and pain. You’re always such an inspiration —

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